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Initially drafted as an ongoing series of Milieu albums, the Vibratelepathic Antiviral Broadcasts are generative recordings that function as sleep aid, meditation environment, atmospheric backdrop and/or a deep listening experience. Given the turbulent and stressful nature of the outside world today, and the open-ended nature of the sound, it made perfect sense to meet the needs of both the listeners and the project itself with a subscription service.

Here, you can choose between multiple options of digital audio delivery that offer different levels of involvement and support, each subsequent one including more benefits. As many decades-long Milieu listeners around the globe can attest, you are guaranteed to be swimming in material here. Releases in the public (AVB ###) catalog tend to be issued between 1 and 3 per calendar month, with 1 new release each month guaranteed, and subscriber-exclusive releases in the private (PATHOS ##) catalog are also guaranteed to number 1 per month, with room for more. Higher tiers of support are copiously rewarded with access to the full back catalog, as well as other monthly bonus downloads from the peripheral Milieu oeuvre, and ever-larger discounts on physical/digital goods from ANY of my large family of Bandcamp profiles (Milieu, Coppice Halifax, Brian Grainger, etc etc).

TIER 1: Supporters at this level receive all subscriber-exclusive releases (the private PATHOS subcatalog of works - 14 releases, at the time of this writing) and the five most current public releases in the series, as well as whatever new releases (public or private) are issued during the month of their subscription.

TIER 2: Supporters at Tier 2 receive everything in the previous Tier, plus a 10% discount code (delivered via email to the address used at sign-up) that may be used at ANY of my Bandcamp pages (Milieu, Coppice Halifax, Brian Grainger, Bike, Deep Earth, Sun-Day, etc etc) on either physical or digital goods. This discount remains active for the duration of the Tier 2 subscription. Additionally, supporters of Tier 2 will receive a Bandcamp download code for Milieu's double-album 'The Traveler's Offworld Retreat' - itself a precursor to this series - as a sign-on bonus.

TIER 3: Supporters at Tier 3 receive everything in the previous two Tiers, a larger 15% discount code, plus a monthly bonus Milieu album from my back catalog, dispensed via email as a download code. For each subsequent month listeners remain at Tier 3, the bonus Milieu recordings will become larger in runtime, with the 12th month/1 year anniversary celebrated with the 8-hour ambient monolith 'Living In The Shadow Of A Recursive Bell Whose Chime Echoed The Dawn Of Consciousness', and following this - the ability to choose one (1) single-disc album from my entire Milieu/Coppice Halifax/Brian Grainger back-catalog to receive a Bandcamp code for every subsequent month.

Any amount of money you contribute to this project is massively appreciated, and goes directly to a real, full-time artist and his family - not only supporting the continuation of these recordings but also everyday basics like food, utilities and other universal needs. It is my sincere hope that these "Audioholistics" will provide you with the peacefulness, balance and intimate escapism that they've offered to me as I've recorded them, and that both of us can feel happier and healthier in the process.

Here’s what you get:


  • For $9.99/month, you get everything above.
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  • For $13.13/month, you get everything above, plus:
    In addition to the Tier 1 rewards, supporters at Tier 2 will also receive a private 10% discount code applicable to ANY release at my family of Bandcamp pages (Milieu, Brian Grainger, Coppice Halifax, Bike, Pink Space, TMA3, Recycled Plastics, Psoma Psi Phi, CO_RD Tapes, Sun-Day, etc etc) that remains active as long as the subscription is maintained.

    Tier 2 supporters also receive a Bandcamp download code for the ambient double-album The Traveler's Offworld Retreat, by Milieu - a spiritual precursor to what eventually became the Vibratelepathic series. Discount code and download code are delivered by email immediately upon subscribing.
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  • For $22.22/month, you get everything above, plus:
    Tier 3 supporters get a private 15% discount code that applies to all of the same Bandcamp pages in Tier 2, as well as additional Bandcamp download codes (delivered once per month) of the following ambient Milieu recordings:

    (Single Albums)
    Month 1: Milieu - Milieu
    Month 2: Milieu - Ambisthmus
    Month 3: Milieu - The Synthesist's Alphorn Retreat
    Month 4: Milieu - Beyond The Sea Lies The Stars
    (Double Albums)
    Month 5: Milieu - A Warm Wooden Hollow (Expanded)
    Month 6: Milieu - Of The Apple (Expanded)
    Month 7: Milieu - Sun White Sun (Expanded)
    Month 8: Milieu - Phosphene Weather (Expanded)
    (Triple Albums)
    Month 9: Milieu - Transposition Gradients In Cyan & Burnt Orange
    Month 10: Milieu - Daughter (Complete Sessions)
    Month 11: Milieu - Snowradius
    (Eight-Hours Of Music)
    Month 12: Milieu - Living In The Shadow Of A Recursive Bell Whose Chime Echoed The Dawn Of Consciousness

    As an added incentive for subscription renewal: Listeners who continue at Tier 3 for longer than 12 months will be granted the ability to pick one single-disc-length Milieu, Brian Grainger or Coppice Halifax album of their choosing each month, and receive that album delivered as a Bandcamp code.
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* Downloads are DRM-free and available in MP3, FLAC and more.

Vibratelepathic Antiviral Broadcasts

Dayton, Ohio

Explorations in generative music, ambient synthesis and audioholistics.

"It's music... I think"

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Thanks very much for supporting these new initiatives in audioholistics! More music will be on the way soon, but for now: Press play, lean back and enjoy the fruits of our little transaction. Relax! You've earned it!

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Vibratelepathic Antiviral Broadcasts

Dayton, Ohio

Explorations in generative music, ambient synthesis and audioholistics.

"It's music... I think"